Parent Educator Program (PEP)

“… it is more effective for well-trained parents to teach drug education curricula in kindergarten through grade six… than it is for teachers or outside authorities to do so.” (Not Schools Alone, California Department of Education)

PEP uses the Tribes group process to promote resiliency and healthy life choices in children, so they can reduce the likelihood of using and abusing harmful substances in later years. Currently operating in 20 public, private and parochial schools in the Bay Area, the program has an explicit “no use” message with an interactive format that engages children to learn resistance skills, develop self-esteem and cultivate responsible decision-making.


Parent volunteers participate in a 21-hour training that focuses on alcohol, tobacco and other drug facts; communication skills; group development; effective teaching strategies; and classroom management. The information and skills gained through this training is then shared with the children in the schools.

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For more information, contact PEP Coordinator at (925) 349-7340 or