The CHD Way

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
-Margaret Mead

Our Approach

  • Center for Human Development (CHD) is working to create healthier and safer communities in which everyone, especially those confronted with poverty, are able to thrive.
  • CHD’s approach is to provide a spectrum of programs and services focusing on individuals, families, and the community to prevent high risk of illness, conflict, and teen substance use.
  • CHD offers a multi-layered approach to help people realize their full potential and transform their communities, including:
    • Enhancing individual decision-making to adopt healthier lifestyles
    • Building skills to resolve disputes together and encourage inclusion
    • Reducing inequities that act as barriers to health and well-being
    • Educating groups and forming coalitions to change community norms
    • Inspiring leadership, including youth, to influence policy and legislation

Tribes Group Process

  • One of the powerful tools used by the CHD across its programs and services, to help achieve personal and societal change, is the Tribes Group Process.
  • The approach was developed by CHD in 1973 and is the foundation of all prevention programs for children, teens and adults.
  • Tribes is a highly interactive group process that accelerates learning, problem-solving, decision-making and consensus-building through positive peer collaboration.
  • Lives are changed and communities can be transformed when everyone in a small group feels included, valued, supported and unified around a common goal.
  • CHD offers Tribes Training for students, teachers, and organizations.