Access to Services

Did You Know?

-African Americans have the county’s highest rate of death from high blood pressure, infant death, diabetes, and asthma hospitalization. 

-Contra Costa’s most disadvantaged in Richmond, Bay Point/Pittsburg, and Antioch can’t afford health insurance and rarely see a doctor. 


The CHD Difference

I am very grateful to the doctor and the excellent community work of the Promotoras with the prenatal group. My pregnancy was high risk but because I participated in the prenatal group and learned about how to take care of myself and my unborn child I feel that my life and the life of my baby was saved.  My baby was born at 8 months healthy and we are both doing well.  Thank you.

– Prenatal Group participant at the Contra Costa Health Services’ Pittsburg Health Clinic

How Does CHD Aid the Community in Access to Health Care?

CHD’s services provide outreach to community members who are underrepresented. Staff helps bridge program participants to services needed in the system that is sometimes hard to penetrate. Participants are consistently educated and inspired to make healthier choices to reach their emotional and physical wellness.

Reducing Health Disparities Navigators

  • Trained CHD staff delivers culturally-appropriate services to help community members navigate the county’s healthcare system.

  • Navigators assist in establishing ongoing relationships with healthcare providers and advocate for personal responsibility through health education.

  • Services are offered free-of-cost at county clinics in East, West and Central Contra Costa.

  • Based in County clinic locations, CHD reduces health disparities by helping individuals and families in the following ways:

    • Establish a primary healthcare “home” with a doctor or clinic

    • Obtain initial medical and dental appointments

    • Apply for publicly funded health benefits

    • Talk with their healthcare providers about medical issues

African American Health Conductors (AAHC)

  • Address health issues prevalent in the African American community.

  •  Part of the Transitions Clinic Network, a community-based intervention program that provides transitional care and serves as a primary care medical home for parolees with chronic medical conditions.

Promotoras (Spanish language health promoters)

  • Advocate for services countywide for Spanish-speaking, low income populations. 

  • Promotoras (promotores de salud en español) -Abogan por los servicios en todo el condado para las poblaciones hispanohablantes de bajos ingresos.


  • Provide emotional support to patients and their supports, during chemotherapy or lab treatments. 

  • Provide resources for financial assistance for cancer patients. 

  • Proporcionar apoyo emocional a los pacientes y sus apoyos, durante la quimioterapia o los tratamientos de laboratorio. Proporcionar recursos para asistencia financiera para pacientes con cáncer.

Para comunicarse con cualquiera de estos servicios por favor llamar a:

African American Wellness Program (AAWP)

  • AAWP is a program based in East Contra Costa County, and provides guidance to local adult African Americans, aged 18 and up, in achieving emotional wellness and finding positive experiences and structure in their daily lives.
  • In addition to support groups, AAWP offers mental health referrals, community resources, and educational workshops.
  • The Mind, Body, & Soul support groups also provide educational guidance for nutrition and physical activity as a way to promote overall well-being.
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The Medi-Cal Enrollment Navigator Program

Got Medical?

The Medi-Cal Enrollment Navigator Program is a program designated for the Contra Costa County areas, supported by a caring, trained, bilingual, and professional team of Navigators (Health promoters)

The program’s goal is to serve groups, such as uninsured and low income, individuals and families, all the underserved community members in the entire County of Contra Costa. The Navigators provide available resource information, guidance, support, and assistance with the application process.

Services are free-of-cost!

Please contact us for additional information, support, and service, call our team.

Community Health Ambassador

CHD’s Community Health Ambassador promotes greater awareness in East Contra Costa County neighborhoods of how to reduce the cancer burden. Reducing the cancer burden is all about taking steps to make sure fewer people have to deal with this illness. Some of these steps involve new ways doctors and scientist have developed to prevent cancer and treating it early enough so that people stay healthy. We also teach people preventative things they can do to lower their chances of developing cancer.

In collaboration with the Lazarex Cancer Foundation, our Health Ambassador refers individuals and families to early detection and treatment options offered by the Cancer Wellness HUB located at John Muir Health, even if they may have limited or no access to health care.

By engaging the community in this way, East County residents will have access to the following kinds of information and resources:

    • Prevention & Education
    • Screening & Diagnosis
    • Clinical Trial Identification, Navigation, and Participation
    • Survivor and Caretaker Resources

The aim of CHD and its partners is to provide a support system by which people who are at-risk or already have cancer can get the information, treatment, and resources needed to help them feel better and possibly save their lives.


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Health Disparities Navigation
Contacts & Locations

Promotoras, Oncology, and African American Health Conductors are based in the following locations, but provide services in all county clinics.  Click on any of the addresses to learn more or check out the map to the left.

For general information please call 877-905-4545.