Inspiring Healthier ChoicesInspiring Healthier Choices

Did you know?

  • 39% of Californians entering publicly funded treatment programs began using drugs at age 15 or under
  • Contra Costa 7th graders have higher alcohol and drug use than their counterparts statewide

Studies have shown that the highest incidence of first-use of alcohol and other drugs occurs during middle school. CHD uses the Tribes group process model to promote healthy life choices in youth so they can reduce the likelihood of using and abusing harmful substances.

How does CHD Inspire Healthier Choices?

A lifetime of healthy choices begins with a healthy behavior and skills learned in childhood through early adolescence. Studies have shown early prevention helps reduce the likelihood of using and abusing harmful substances later. CHD has trained staff and parent volunteers leading weekly prevention and education discussions in elementary and middle school classrooms.  CHD’s curriculum is designed to help young people understand the negative effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, to share successful coping skills; and to support them to become more resistant to peer pressure.

CHD supports three dedicated, school-based programs that help create a resilient youth force.

Project SUCCESS helps prevent substance abuse and high-risk behavior among teens by empowering them with the information and skills needed to recognize potentially dangerous situations and exercise sound judgment.

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