Supporting Active Youth Leaders

Supporting Active Youth Leaders

Did you know?

79% of the students at Riverview Middle School either agree or strongly agree that it is easy for youth to get alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in their community.

An alarmingly large number of youth are physically or verbally assaulted at school, and lack support from their families. As a result, these students are far more likely to engage in unhealthy behavior, skip school or drop out. CHD provides vital support to young people, who are at a high risk of becoming victims of violence and leaving school.

How does CHD Support Active Youth Leaders?

Riverview Middle School Club Live Chapter

Research shows that when young people are in a supportive environment, they are less likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors and more likely to achieve in school. CHD’s highly interactive programs provide a safe, supportive environment where young people learn, grow and become active participants in creating positive change. There are two programs that help young leaders:

Friday Night Live provides high school students a platform to voice their thoughts and the training to be active leaders in their communities.

Empowerment Program enables the large LGBTQ youth community to understand themselves, find answers and grow into confident individuals.

Helpful Information & Resources

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The CHD Difference

“I have more of a leadership role and am taken more seriously.”

Thank You

Alcohol and Other Drug Services, Behavioral Health Division of Contra Costa County Health Services – for funding Friday Night Live
Mental Health Services Act, Prevention and Early Intervention Program of Contra Costa Mental Health – for funding the Empowerment Program

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To join or start a Friday Night Live chapter, please contact:

William Gooden, Program Coordinator

To become involved with the Empowerment Program, please contact:

Kevin Martin, Program CoordinatorCenter for Human Development Website
(925) 753-1004 ext. 102