Reaching Emotional WellnessReaching Emotional Wellness

Did you know?

1 in every 3 African-Americans lives in poverty in Bay Point. In 2010, adults living below the poverty level were three times more likely to have serious psychological distress as compared to adults over twice the poverty level.*

It is an unfortunate reality that poverty influences wellness; and to change the fate of the African-American population in Bay Point and in Pittsburg under poverty, CHD created the African American Wellness Program.

*CDC, 2012, Health United States 2011

How does CHD help Reach Emotional Wellness?

CHD envisions confident individuals who can effectively achieve their life-goals and dreams by drawing on their inner strengths, and effectively use coping strategies to maintain emotional wellness. To accomplish this, CHD helps adults through Mind, Body, and Soul Support Groups under the African American Wellness Program (AAWP).

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The African American Wellness Program (AAWP) is a program based in East Contra Costa County, and provides guidance to local adult African Americans, aged 18 and up, in achieving emotional wellness and finding positive experiences and structure in their daily lives. In addition to support groups, AAWP offers mental health referrals, community resources, and educational workshops. The Mind, Body, and Soul support groups also provide educational guidance for nutrition and physical activity as a way to promote overall well-being.

Information & Resources

If you would like to participate in any of our support groups, please find the schedule and locations below.

1st and 3rd Monday (2pm to 4pm)
Pittsburg Health Clinic
Cedar Conference Room

1st and 3rd Wednesday (3pm to 5pm)
Ambrose Community Center
3105 Willow Pass Road, Room 7

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday (1pm to 3pm)
Pittsburg Community Center
300 Presidio Lane

The CHD Difference

“CHD provides our communities with access to new skills, direction, and hope for a better future.” – Cynthia Garrett

Thank You

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For queries regarding the CHD services mentioned above, please reach out to:

Cynthia Garrett, Community Health Advocate
(925) 252-2338

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