Promoting Violence Free Lives

Promoting Violence-Free Lives

Did you know?

5.5 percent of high school students feel too unsafe to go to school, 18 percent report carrying a weapon on school grounds, 5.5 percent have been in a  physical fight and 14.5 percent report having seriously considered attempting suicide.*

Many East County youth struggle with high-risk pressures every day and resort to desperate measures to make ends meet. CHD, in partnership with various educational organizations, helps young people to face these challenges and gain the skills to overcome anger, violence, drugs, and gang involvement.

*National Center for Chronic Disease and Health Promotion, & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2007

How does CHD Promote Violence-free lives?

CHD is working towards the goal of stopping the cycle of gang violence by facilitating workshops and support groups, conducted by a staff who are parents themselves. They understand the extreme pressures of both parenting and growing up in a world where alcohol abuse, drug usage, and senseless violence are rampant. The staff, armed with experience and understanding of the situation, helps youth and their families to find positive outlets to express their anger.

CHD has a specialized program to achieve this and help affected people.

The Four Corners Program is created on the foundation of Family, Education, Community, and Faith for middle school students and parents in Pittsburg. The program service acts as a platform for parents and youth to communicate their needs, feel heard, and learn how to resolve issues peacefully.

Helpful Information & Resources

Center for Human Development implements major components of the Street Law Program and is recommended locally by Contra Costa County Probation. Street Law programs give young people essential legal knowledge, while helping them expand their cognitive skills, foster self-reliance, and inspiring them to be positive resources within their communities.

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The CHD Difference

“He was on drugs and expelled in Junior High School for threatening a teacher. He graduated from a drug treatment program and asked to attend Four Corners because he knew his freshman year was going to be tough and he didn’t want a relapse.”

Contact & Locations

The Four Corners program has two Pittsburg locations and one Bay Point location:

  • Pittsburg High School
  • Hillview Junior High
  • Riverview Middle School

You can contact your school guidance counselor to sign up for the program.

For more information on Four Corners, please reach out to :

Anita Marquez, Program Director
(925) 753-1004 ext. 105

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Thank You

  • Pittsburgh High School
  • Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund
  • Hillview Junior High School
  • Riverview Middle School

The grants from these organizations support Four Corners.

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