Parent Educator Program

What is the necessary school/community commitment?

Identified funding sources such as PTC/PTAs, Site Council funds, Local Businesses Teachers/administrators must be willing to have facilitators teach at least 6 PEP lessons, 45 minutes to an hour in length depending on the grade level.

The sponsoring group must select at least one coordinator to serve as a liaison between the Parent Educators and the school. Coordinators will receive an implementation manual, training and continued support from PEP staff at CHD.

All participants must attend the entire training program to be certified to deliver the program in the classroom and work directly with the students. CHD also offers paid facilitators to implement the program at your school site for a fee.

Conflict Resolution Programs

What happens during a mediation?

During mediation, a trained, impartial person or panel helps people in conflict to:

  1. Share their perspective and air out differences
  2. Communicate and better understand the other’s concerns and needs
  3. Identify possible solutions
  4. Reach a mutually agreeable solution
  5. Put the agreement into a written form

Who are the mediators?

Unlike a judge or an arbitrator, a mediator does not decide what is right or wrong or make suggestions about ways to resolve a problem. Mediation relies on the voluntary cooperation and good faith participation of all parties.