Safe & Peaceful Communities

Did You Know?

-90% of all mediation cases supported by the CHD mediation panels reach a positive resolution at a fraction of the cost.

-When communication breaks down between disputing individuals or groups, the situation can escalate, often leading to expensive legal action or even violence. Center for Human Development offers an alternative path to our program participants.

The CHD Difference

In probate gaurdianships typically one or both parents become terribly hostile to the petitioners…most commonly grandparents of the minor. Into these emotional minefields march the professional mediators who volunteer their time and services through CHD’s Guardianship Mediation Program. It is amazing how often these mediators are able to help the parties set aside their hostilities…and reach a settlement that will be in the best interest of the minors.

-Contra Costa Probate Commissioner

How Does CHD Create Safe & Peaceful Communities?

CHD’s services provide opportunities for community members ranging from youth to adults to aim for safe resolutions to conflicts. Staff help program participants to resolve disputes together. Youth program participants are consistently inspired to strive for violence-free lives.


Conflict Resolution Program (CRP)

  • The community mediation program has provided services since 1984 and is the only center in Contra Costa County that provides, at a fraction of the cost of legal services, trained mediators to resolve persistent community conflicts.
  •   A team of approximately 100 volunteer mediators and case developers expertly trained in the community mediation model of dispute resolution, have helped resolve situations ranging from small neighborhood disagreements to acrimonious tenant-landlord disputes.
  • People in the disputed parties play an active role in resolving their cases and shape their own mutual agreements.
  • Program staff and volunteers also provide conflict resolution training, conflict management, large group facilitation, and consulting for organizations.
  • Based on the nature of disputes, CHD has created various Conflict Resolution Programs all aimed at helping affected parties reach a timely win-win resolution.

Community Mediation

  • This service provides an opportunity to resolve conflicts within the community. Issues range from neighbor disputes over barking dogs, loud music, parking in front of one’s house, etc.

Elder Mediation

  • The service provides a platform for the growing number of senior citizens in Contra Costa and their close family members, to understand each other, communicate better and find ways to make their lives better.

Guardianship Mediation Program

  • The service offers a calm, bias-free mediation ground for children caught in the middle of estranged parents who are fighting custodial battles.

Beyond Violence

  • Beyond Violence is an intervention/prevention program committed to providing help and hope to youth, young adults, and their families who have been victims of violence and trauma.
  • Our mission is to facilitate healing for survivors of trauma and violence, eliminate barriers to healing, and inspire survivors to embrace hope as they move forward with their lives.
  •  The program is designed to serve youth and young adults in the central region of Contra Costa County ages 14-26 years.
  • We provide comprehensive case management services to our clients.
  • The program works towards the goal of stopping the cycle of violence by facilitating workshops and support groups utilizing the Phoenix Curriculum which addresses the following:
    • What’s important to you?
    • Understanding your feelings (emotional intelligence)
    •  Problem solving (high risk people, places, things, situations, and feelings)
    • Risk and Protective Factors

Four Corners

  • CHD is working towards the goal of stopping the cycle of gang violence by facilitating workshops and support groups.
  • The program service acts as a platform for parents and youth to communicate their needs, feel heard, and learn how to resolve issues peacefully.
  • The staff help youth and their families to find positive outlets to express their anger.
  • The program offers weekly support groups and one-on-one mentorship at Hillview Junior High School.