Resolving Disputes TogetherResolving Disputes Together

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93% of all mediation cases supported by CHD mediation panels reach a positive resolution at a fraction of the cost. When communication breaks down between disputing individuals or groups, the situation can escalate, often leading to expensive legal action or even violence. Center for Human Development offers an alternative path for struggling parties.

How does CHD help Resolve Disputes Together?

Center for Human Development WebsiteCHD’s trained mediators diffuse anger, frustration and help affected parties reach a win-win resolution in a timely manner and at a fraction of the cost of legal services. People in the disputed parties play an active role in resolving their cases and shape their own mutual agreements. Based on the nature of disputes, CHD has created various Conflict Resolution Programs (CRP). These programs have provided mediation services and conflict management training to Contra Costa County residents and business groups since 1984.  A team of approximately 100 volunteer mediators and case developers expertly trained in the community mediation model of dispute resolution, have helped resolve situations ranging from small neighborhood disagreements to acrimonious tenant-landlord disputes. Program staff and volunteers also provide conflict resolution training, conflict management, large group facilitation, and consulting for organizations and businesses. The experienced mediators are part of the following CRP services.

Community Mediation

Barking dogs, loud music, no parking in front of one’s house? CRP is the only community mediation center in Contra Costa County that provides at a fraction of the cost of legal services, trained mediators to resolve persistent community conflicts like these:

Community and Family Reunification Program (CFRP)

This evidence-based program helps in reunification of families with recently incarcerated members. It’s based on restorative justice principles that address the needs of the victims, restore the community, and reaffirm the offender’s understanding of personal responsibility.

Elder Mediation

The service provides a platform for the growing number of senior citizens in Contra Costa and their close family members, to understand each other, communicate better and find ways to make their lives better.

Guardianship Mediation Program

The service offers a calm, bias-free mediation ground for children caught in the middle of estranged parents who are fighting custodial battles.

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The CHD Difference

“In probate guardianships typically one or both parents become terribly hostile to the petitioners…most commonly grandparents of the minor. Into these emotional minefields march the professional mediators who volunteer their time and services through CHD’s Guardianship Mediation Program. It is amazing how often these mediators are able to help the parties set aside their hostilities…and reach a settlement that will be in the best interest of the minors.” Contra Costa Probate Commissioner.”

“They gave us a chance to see why we didn’t understand each other’s differences.”

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For queries regarding the CHD services mentioned above, please reach out to: Steven Cross, CRP Case Coordinator (925) 349-7344