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CHD Offers Two Youth Programs:

The Problem:

More than one out of three lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth are verbally or physically harassed at school. Many lack support from their families. As a result, LGBTQ students are far more likely to skip school or drop out.

What We Do:

Our Empowerment program provides vital support for these amazing youth who are at high risk of becoming victims of violence and leaving school.

The program offers a weekly support group in Antioch where LGBTQ youth can be themselves, get social support, build self-esteem and gain the motivation to complete their education.

Group members also learn leadership skills to help them flourish in their schools and communities. Activities include educational workshops, discussions addressing current events, and getting involved in efforts to enforce anti-harassment/-discrimination policies in schools.

Who Can Join?

We welcome all youth 14 to 18 who identify as LGBTQ as well as their straight allies.

Participants are assured that all information is confidential.

We know that this is particularly important to those who have not come out to their families and friends.

Who Supports the Program?

Funded through the Mental Health Services Act, Prevention and Early Intervention Program of Contra Costa Mental Health and by individual donations.

Friday Night Live (FNL)

One of the largest youth-serving systems in the state, FNL gives high school students a powerful voice and the training to be active leaders in their communities. Adult staff supports teens with the leadership skills to tackle difficult issues such as alcohol and other drug abuse.

How Does It Work?

CHD provides the youth a platform to drive change at the local policymaking level. Young students assess their problem, create and implement an action plan, and collaborate with school and community groups doing similar work in the county. In the process, FNL members gain life-long skills in public speaking, project planning, conflict resolution and time management.

The program is supported by Alcohol and Other Drug Services, Behavioral Health Division of Contra Costa County Health Services.

For more information, contact Danielle Butler at 925.349.7341 or at danielle@chd-prevention.org.

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