Family and Community Reunification Program (FCRP)

“He was a completely different person when we met for family conferencing. He said, “I’m sorry, I expected way too much from you. I want to focus on staying sober so that I can be a good example for my son.”” – A family member said about her husband.

CHD/FCRP provides reunification services for men and women prior to and after release from incarceration. We help returning individuals reconnect with family, friends, and supportive community members with the goal of rebuilding and enhancing relationships. Our meetings take place in safe, neutral and confidential places.


The reunification process follows restorative justice principles and evidence-based practices. Our in-depth and inclusive meetings focus on the following:

  • The impact incarceration has on everyone
  • Personal strengths of each participant
  • Life choices and opportunities for each party
  • Hopes and goals
  • Positive next steps
  • Agreements for moving forward

For more information, please contact Paul Taylor, M.A. at (925) 349-7343 or

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