Reducing Health Disparities

Did You Know?

  • African Americans have the county’s highest rate of death from high blood pressure, infant death, diabetes, and asthma hospitalization
  • Contra Costa’s most disadvantaged in Richmond, Bay Point/Pittsburg, and Antioch can’t afford health insurance and rarely see a doctor. 

The CHD Difference:

"I am very grateful to the doctor and the excellent community work of the Promotoras with the prenatal group. My pregnancy was high risk but because I participated in the prenatal group and learned about how to take care of myself and my unborn child I feel that my life and the life of my baby was saved.  My baby was born at 8 months healthy and we are both doing well.  Thank you. "
- A Prenatal Group participant at the Contra Costa Health Services' Pittsburg Health Center

How does CHD Reduce health disparities?

  • Trained CHD staff delivers culturally-appropriate services to help residents navigate the county’s healthcare system.
  • They assist in establishing ongoing relationships with healthcare providers and advocate for personal responsibility for their clients’ health through education.
  • This service is offered free-of-cost at county clinics in East, West and Central Contra Costa.
  • Based in the clinics, CHD is reducing health disparities by helping individuals and families in the following ways.
    • Establish a primary healthcare “home” with a doctor or clinic
    • Obtain initial medical and dental appointments
    • Apply for publicly funded health benefits
    • Talk with their healthcare providers about medical issues

CHD Offers The Following Services:

  • African American Health Conductors (AAHC)
    •  Address health issues prevalent in the African American community. AAHC is also part of the Transitions Clinic Network, a community-based intervention program that provides transitional care and serves as a primary care medical home for parolees with chronic medical conditions. The program operates countywide.
  • Health Navigator services are provided countywide for English-speaking, low-income populations.

Thank You!

Contra Costa Health Services for supporting African American Health Conductors, Health Navigator, and Promotora services

Contacts and Locations

  • Staff is based in the following locations, but provides service in all county clinics. Click on any of the addresses to learn more or check out the map to the left. 

Inspiring Healtheir Choices

Did You Know?

  • 95% of people with a substance use disorder began using drugs before age 18?
  • Contra Costa 7th graders have higher alcohol and drug use than their counterparts statewide.
  • Studies have shown that the highest incidence of first-use of alcohol and other drugs occurs during middle school.
  • CHD uses the Tribes group process model to promote healthy life choices in youth so they can reduce the likelihood of using and abusing harmful substances.

How does CHD Inspire Healthier Choices

  • A lifetime of healthy choices begins with a healthy behavior and skills learned in childhood through early adolescence.
  • Studies have shown early prevention helps reduce the likelihood of using and abusing harmful substances later. CHD has trained staff and parent volunteers leading weekly prevention and education discussions in elementary and middle school classrooms.
  • CHD’s curriculum does the folioing:
    • Help young people understand the negative  effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse.
    •  Share successful coping skills.
    • Support young people in becoming  more resistant to peer pressure. 

CHD Offers The Following Programs

African American Wellness Program (AAWP)

Project SUCCESS Program

Tobacco Education and Cessation

  • The African American Wellness Program (AAWP) is a program based in East Contra Costa County, and provides guidance to local adult African Americans, aged 18 and up, in achieving emotional wellness and finding positive experiences and structure in their daily lives.
    • In addition to support groups, AAWP offers mental health referrals, community resources, and educational workshops.
    • The Mind, Body, and Soul support groups also provide educational guidance for nutrition and physical activity as a way to promote overall well-being.
  • Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) is an in-school, evidence-based program designed to prevent and reduce substance abuse and other related high-risk behaviors among teens. The program service helps prevent substance abuse and high-risk behavior among teens by empowering them with the information and skills needed to recognize potentially dangerous situations and exercise sound judgment.
  • The Tobacco Education and Cessation Program provides services in local school districts to help teens stop tobacco use. 

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